The specialist technical diving company in the Red Sea

Sharm El Sheikh - El Gouna - Marsa Alam

Technical diving is fast becoming a popular extreme sport with divers looking to go that bit deeper, for that bit longer and see that little bit more in a safe way.

Join us at Tekstreme and travel along stunning walls, through deep wrecks and into silent canyons that are teeming with marine life; that's the incredible journey and adventure offered to you by Tekstreme diving.

Tekstreme continues to offer the best team of technical instructors to make your experience the most enjoyable and rewarding possible.

Tekstreme operates throughout the Red Sea out of El Gouna, Sharm El Sheikh and Marsa Alam, so you can choose the best resort centre to suit your needs.

Sailing the Red Sea is a selection of liveaboards covering sites that are further afield so you can continue your diving experience.

Tekstreme offers high quality training and experience through TDI, SSI, BSAC and PADI Tec Rec.

TDI Courses
SSI Courses
BSAC Courses
PADI Tec Rec Courses

" No suggestions to make as Tekstreme provide and excellent service."
Ian Barker, UK

"Duncan is an excellent guide and very helpful. Cat Braun and the other instructors/guides on board were also great and helpful in every way. The boat crew on Superior were outstanding, on the dive deck, in the dining room and in all other ways. The boat is of a very high quality, comfortable and safety is clearly paramount."
Pete Scarlett, UK

"Very good service and thoroughly enjoyable."
Dave Collins, UK

"Keep doing what you doing, its brilliant."
Karolis Vigelis, UK

"This was probably one of the best trips I have been on, the boat was awesome, food exceptional, crew very relaxed, cheerful and helpful, the guides and instructors on board were all excellent. All in all a very good safari."
Andy Sargent, UK

"Duncan is a fab guy, a friend of mine , i really enjoy diving with him and i am really looking forward to dive with again soon. My overall experience with Tekstreme is fantastic and i consider myself to be a very loyal and satisfied customer.I fully recommend tec divers to choose tekstreme for their professionalism and friendly attitude. See you soon."
Michalis Michail, Greece

"Overall the quality of the course was very good. A very thorough skills session was completed on day 2 and then 3 days of tech dives to 60m. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris again as the instructor on anything technical. The guy is very down to earth and understanding."
Paul Beckett, UK

"No suggestions. Excellent service all round."
Dom Valley, UK

"Tekstreme offer the professional, high quality technical diving which is what i want at a brilliant value."
Ola Nielson

"The technical expedition was professional with friendly guides and great diving. The boat Elite was very comfortable."
Irena Byrdina

"Best dive briefings i have ever had. Very thorough, very helpful and friendly crew. See you on the next trip."
Mike Robertson

"I can't really think of any suggestions to make things better. Really enjoyed our time with the guys and our dives - all helped by the sharks and eagle rays we spotted as well."
Yvonne Press