Tek Safaris - Deep South

The deep south of the Red Sea is one of the most amazing areas to dive due to the deep water and the consistent currents bringing in a constant supply of nutrients. The corals have the ability to flourish in huge volumes though all depth ranges and the variety of marine life from the smallest to the largest is incredible. There are a wide variety of sharks to be found; Hammerhead, Grey reef Shark and Thresher to name the most sighted plus the chances of Manta rays.

Tekstreme undertook an exploration safari to examine the dive sites in this area at depth to see if there was any areas of interest, landscaping, marine life that would appeal to the diver looking to dive that little bit deeper. It was off the back of this very successful exploratory trip that we now happy open this route up to our customers. There is still a great deal more of exploration to complete.

This safari trip is perfect for the open circuit diver or the rebreather diver who is looking to dive some of these amazing sites but also are willing to join us in making some more exploration of the area.

The itinerary:

Our route will begin from the marina of Port Ghalib where we will make a local check dive before beginning our journey down towards the south.

Weather permitting we hope to explore some of the following diving locations:

  • Elphinestone reef
  • Shaab Sharm
  • Habili Ali
  • Habili Jaffa
  • Gota Soraya
  • Gota Kebir
  • Erg Abu Diab
  • Shaab Maksour
  • The SS Turbo (max 30m)
  • The fishing Trawler @ Sirenaka (max 50m)

All of the reefs on route have plunging walls and are great locations for some of the larger Pelagic marine life (keep those fingers crossed). The reefs are not unknown reefs, they are dived frequently by divers within the recreational diving limits. Now its time to see what they have to offer at greater depths. The trip is more than suitable for all levels of technical diver, both OC and CCR. We will end our trip coming into the southern port of Hamata where we will then travel by bus transfer up to Port Ghalib where we will stay in a hotel for the night before continuing the journey either to Marsa Alam Airport or further north up to Hurghada Airport the following day.

Contact info@tekstremediving.com for more information.