Tek Diving Safaris

Join us on a seven-day liveaboard safari, the perfect opportunity to discover and explore wrecks and reefs that the Red Sea has to offer.

There are many different itineraries for all over the Red Sea, please see below:

Northern Red Sea Tek Safari
Northern Safari
Next date:
03/03 - 10/03/2017
Price: 850 Euros per person
Brother Islands Technical Diving Safaris
Brother Islands Safari
Next date:
To be announced...
Technical Diving Safari SS Maidan
SS Maidan Safari
Next date:
To be announced...
Technical Diving Safari Deep South Red Sea
Deep South Safari
Next date:
30/06 - 07/07/2017
Price: 1137 Euros per person

The technical trips are open to all certified technical divers. On some specific routes, trimix qualification is required as some dive sites are deep and beyond the capabilities and range of the entry level technical diver.

Each trip is designed to fulfill the needs of Extended Range and Trimix divers, using open circuit scuba or rebreather.

The dive sites are selected according to the experience, qualification and wishes of our guests.

The safari boat is specially adapted to offer a full range of technical diving services:

  • Comfortable diving area, with convenient ladders, large boat deck with ample space. Our trips are limited to a maximum 12 to 16 Tek divers depending on the boat.
  • A very helpful crew, ready to provide you with the most enjoyable diving environment, to help you exit the water or carry heavy gear.
  • Custom gas mixes blended by a certified gas blender according to your needs.
  • CCR-friendly services with rebreather specific cylinders and sofnolime available on board, please e-mail us with queries or requests.
  • All the necessary equipment on board (analysers, blending panels, nitrox and air compressors).
  • A very well equipped rental department (all technical gear, lift bags, CCR).
  • Reliable first aid procedures and equipment. All our crew is trained to understand the specific needs and procedures of technical divers.
  • An experienced Tekstreme guide who can also train you, if needed, to specific techniques (mixed gas diving, rebreather, advanced wreck penetration).
  • Comfortable cabins and lounge with plasma screen, media centre and music and wifi

Please note:

All routes are subject to change without notice depending on a number of factors which include, but are not limited to:

  • The weather
  • The time of the year (Length of daylight hours)
  • The ability & experience levels of the divers
  • Any special needs of the guests (training sites, specific depths etc)

It should also be made clear that on the southern routes divers will be a long way from the nearest medical recompression facility (up to 12 hours at the furthest points). In Egypt you cannot rely on any speedy air evacuation but must rely on the safari boat having returned to the nearest port for an evacuation by road.

In addition, the southern route does involve A LOT of travelling, with up to 12 hours at a time of overnight travelling times and up to six hours travelling in the daytime on occasions.

Emperor Elite
Technical Diving Safaris
Technical Diving Safaris
Technical Diving Safaris
Technical Diving Safaris
Technical Diving Safaris