With multiple locations, Tekstreme Diving is one of the Red Sea's premier technical diving operators. Tekstreme pride themselves on providing a professional quality service with experienced, friendly staff who can make your technical diving experience one to remember.

Tekstreme was begun in 1997 and has grown substantially over the years. Starting as a TDI facility, Tekstreme expanded its services in 2006 to become one of the only active BSAC technical training facilities in Egypt. In 2011 it was awarded the PADI TecRec Centre rating and more recently has become a representative for the ever growing technical services offered by SSI.

The full range of BSAC, TDI, SSI and PADI Tec Rec courses are offered throughout the year with availability in all of the resorts.

TDI Courses
SSI Courses
BSAC Courses
PADI Tec Rec Courses

Why is the Red Sea so ideal for technical diving?

  • Year round diving
  • Average visibility of 30m
  • Water temperatures between 18°C (winter) to 30°C (summer)
Technical Diving
Technical Diving
Technical Diving
Photos by Charles Hood

For the technical diver this provides us with...

  • Long and enjoyable decompression dives in warm water
  • More bottom time as long decompression stops are now enjoyable rather than a hardship
  • Warm water means less potential risk of cold water related DCI
  • More flexibility in a wet suit rather than bulky dry suit
  • Enjoyable and relaxing boats rides, plenty of sunshine and the confidence of being with our team of experienced knowledgeable technical instructors


Tekstreme offers you a choice of three dive locations; from the multiple wreck dives available around El Gouna; the amazingly stunning wall dives of Sharm El Sheikh or the quietness of diving from boat or rib of Marsa Alam. Each resort is unique and offers a different technical diving experience

Your choice of dive centre depends very much on what you're looking for from your technical diving.

Tekstreme El Gouna
Tekstreme Sharm El Sheikh
Tekstreme Marsa Alam

At each of the resorts you will be welcomed one of our highly experienced technical team to make your stay an enjoyable one. Click here to see more information on our Tekstreme team.